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Do I have to order a full week of meals? Is there a minimum order required?
Not at all! Order as many or as few meals a week as you like. We have no minimum order or commitment plan. We are currently only able to offer one shipping day to your area at this time. Please keep that in mind when placing your order. We do not have a minimum order requirement, however a $19.99 flat rate shipping fee is accessed for each shipping order placed. 

I missed the deadline for ordering, can I still place an order? Can I request a change to my meal?
We unfortunately cannot accommodate orders for delivery after the deadline cut off time.

We do not currently accommodate any custom changes to our meals. We do list out all the ingredients used per meal, both on our website and the meal label.

How far in advance do I have to order?  
Shipping orders cut off at 10am Thursday for our Saturday expected delivery dates. The time for cutoff is exactly 10:00:00am, whether or not the order is in process. Always review your summary screen and email receipt for your specific delivery date(s). If you have any questions please give our office a call or you can reply to your email receipt anytime!

When do you deliver? Do you deliver to businesses?
Orders are overnighted with FedEx on Friday to come to your doorstep Saturday. FedEx is able to reach your business for Saturday delivery. Since they are delivering your perishable food, please ensure your business will be open during standard delivery time frames.
Where do you deliver? Do you deliver to apartment complexes, guarded and gated communities?
We are a Sacramento, California based company, delivering locally and shipping to Northern California, and some select parts of Nevada. Please see our delivery map or enter your zip code on the bottom of our main menu page to see if we deliver or ship to you!  We do! FedEx will have no problem getting your order to your front doorstep.
There was a problem with my delivery. What do I do? Can I pickup my order?
Please contact us and we will promptly work out the situation with you. Please keep in mind we are a family-owned and operated business, with real people cooking and packing your meals. While sometimes accidents happen, it is definitely not our goal and certainly never intentional.

We are genuinely sorry for these inconveniences and will always try our best to resolve each situation and come to a resolution!

We are unable to provide a pickup option currently in your area. This feature is something we are working diligently on and will be coming soon! 
What is your refund policy? What do I do if I need to make a change or cancel an order?
If you are dissatisfied with any of our meals please let us know and we will gladly replace your meal in a future delivery or create a credit to be applied to a future order. Please note we can only deal with issues that are brought to our attention in a timely manner and will always do our best to resolve issues brought to our attention, by our customers, within reason.  Please call our office or email us at We can accept order changes and cancellations up until 10am Thursday for your delivery Saturday. Any changes or cancellations after that time period may not be available or there may be an option to cancel with a 25% restocking fee when a refund is requested. Each situation is different, please contact us that we may provide specific options to you.
Can I get a refund or cancel a Gift Card?
We are unable to cancel or refund Gift Cards. Gift Cards hold a balance until full exhausted with no expiration date for use.
Is your food fresh or frozen? I froze a "freezable" meal. How long do I heat it up? How long does it last?
Our weekly menu is 100% fresh and never frozen!!! Some of our meals are labeled as “freezable” and can be Frozen for short periods of time to be enjoyed at a later date. Please keep in mind we do not use added preservatives when cooking our meals. This limits the amount of time a meal will Freeze. We recommend only freezing meals 10-14 days or less. 

Please heat for the indicated time on the label, stir (if necessary), then heat an additional 1-2 minutes or until heated through. Meals labeled as freezable are intended to be frozen for short periods of time, recommended 10-14 days. Please note we do not use added preservatives when cooking which greatly reduces the freezable amount of time.

How long do your meals stay fresh? I have food allergies. Can I order your food?
Meals are vacuumed sealed and stay good for 7 days after delivery. Some items such as salads maybe be labeled with a shorter date. Each meal will be labeled with a specific best buy date in which the meal is best enjoyed in that time frame when stored properly. If a meal ever goes bad within the best by date time period, please notify us so we can work on a solution for you.

Please note that our facility uses peanuts, tree nuts and wheat products. Please understand that we are currently not able to accommodate customers with fatal or severe food allergies. We do list out our ingredients so that when ordering you know what you are getting. We also make every effort possible to prepare and keep meals separated. 

Are the meals Gluten-Free? How are the meals packaged and delivered?
Many of our meals are gluten-free! Items with the Gluten-Free* tag are made with Gluten-Free ingredients. Please note that wheat products are cooked in our facility and we are not a dedicated gluten-free kitchen.

Meals are packaged following Food & Safety guidelines, and shipped via FedEx to arrive at your door. When you get your delivery, just unload the meals into the refrigerator.

Are all your ingredients organic? What’s the difference between your Regular and Large meals?
All our ingredients are local and/or organic depending on availability.

All of our meals are packaged in individual serving containers intended for one person.

Our Regular size contains 3.5-4 oz. of meat/protein, 2-4oz of starch, 3-5oz of veggies.

Our Large size contains 5.5-6 oz. of meat/protein, 3-4oz of starch, and 4-6oz of veggies.

When you receive your order, the Large meals will be indicated on the label.

IMPORTANT: Keep in mind we do not serve portions like you might have at a restaurant, but instead our portions are based on specific nutritional guidelines. Nutritional information is provided to the best of our ability using information obtained from product labels. Information such as sodium content, is an approximate value.

How often does your menu change?
We change our menu every Thursday at about 10am. "NEW" items can be found on the main menu page at the top of each category, Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner. Meals make with "Last Chance" will only be available for the current dates listed online and then that item will be removed from the menu.
What are SmartPoints®?
Smart Points are a way in which Weight Watchers(WW) members track the value of the food they eat throughout the day. We are unable to assign daily point values to our customers as this is exclusively done through the WW program, however we are proud to offer accurate point values on our meals!!. 

As of Monday December 4th WW updated to "WW Freestyle" and this new calculation is updated in our current SmartPoints calculations.
How long have you been around? Where are you located?
We are a family business, locally owned and operated for the last four years. We are a local company with our Kitchen located at 9648 Kiefer Blvd Suite C, Sacramento, CA 95827. Our Kitchen location is a kitchen and pre-order pickup only facility.

Our Roseville Retail Location is open at 1455 Eureka Road, Roseville, California, 95661

Retail Location Hours:
8AM-8PM Monday through Friday
10AM-4PM Saturday
9AM-8PM Sunday

Our Midtown Retail Location is open at 1420 16th Street, Sacramento, California, 95814

Retail Location Hours:
8AM-8PM Monday through Friday
10AM-4PM Saturday
9AM-8PM Sunday 
916-448-3287 x 102

How can I contact you for other questions?
Check out our Contact Us page.

* Email
* Live Chat
* Customer Support Line 916-448-3287 ext 101

Help us reduce waste by leaving your bags and ice packs out on your next delivery day or by dropping your bags off at any of the following drop-off locations:
Fit Eats Store - Midtown Sacramento
1420 16th Street.
Sacramento, CA 95814

Retail Location Hours:
Mon. - Fri. 8AM – 8PM
Sat. - 10AM - 4PM
Sun. - 
9AM – 8PM

Fit Eats Store - Roseville
1455 Eureka Road
Roseville, CA 95661

Retail Location Hours:
Mon. - Fri. 8AM – 8PM 
Sat. - 10AM - 4PM
Sun. - 
9AM – 8PM

Kitchen Location 
9648 Kiefer Blvd Suite C
Sacramento, CA 95827

Sun/Tues/Thurs 9AM 
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Mon/Wed 9AM-3PM
Saturday 9AM-3PM